Kindle, Fire…Ash?

I went to the loppe again yesterday.  More CDs and DVDs were bought.  Why not at those prices?  One charity shop even had a sign up saying they were holding a clearance of all DVDs / CDs.  Take that as a sign, if you will, of where the world has gone, never mind is headed.   I took it as a sign that at 5 for 20kr, I may as well stock up and found 15 items to buy.  I’ve been idly browsing fb marketplace occasionally, looking at hi-fi separates that used to sell for hundreds of pounds with comments such as “we’re moving to a streaming solution instead” (I can almost hear the sighed lament of the man who wrote it) and come to the same conclusion – people are removing the hardware from their homes and trusting in the internet.

When I refer to hardware, I should clarify here that I mean everything that has been historically the basis of knowledge and cultural enrichment.  Audio, film and books.  People have been spoilt the last 100 years, at no other time in history that is known of, have people had access to so much information, so much cultural enrichment, so cheaply and so immediately than at this point in civilisation.  Think back to 100 years ago, people were forced to rely on newspapers or whatever books the local library might stock – and remember, reading libraries for the masses were themselves only a late Victorian introduction.  For music, you had to attend the music venue, or gather round the piano and hope that at least one of the family was up to turning out a tune.   Families often invested a lot in making sure at least one member could.  All that changed – books, electricity, radio, gramophone, Television, record players, cassettes, VHS, Betamax, CDs, DVDs and now finally, the internet.

At first, it meant a great thing – people could invest in the cultural items they wanted to enjoy and bring them into their homes – a bookcase of relevant books, a CD rack of relevant CDs and a line of DVDs of what they enjoyed watching and rewatching again.  In my case, this would mostly be Auf Wiedersehen Pet 1 and 2, nothing comes remotely close in terms of being something I’d happily watch again and again, tirelessly.   I have a problem sitting through long films and even gave up on the 2.5 hour long Green Mile – apparently it has a good ending, but I’ve never seen it and I’ve always resisted watching Lord of the Rings, surrendering 13 hours of my life feels daunting, even if individual clips I’ve seen are well made.  Each to their own though.   Apt phrase, since each to their own is exactly what this kind of freedom meant happened.

The internet seems the next logical step then, as it allows homes to enjoy the benefits of a greater array of media publications than ever before, without the clutter and space consumption a good music unit, DVD player and Books, CDs and DVDs inevitably require.  However, I found myself wondering yesterday if that’s a good thing and concluded perhaps it isn’t, in the long term at least.   The internet was of course sold as a place of freedom – could be that was the only way to get people to use it in the first place, but more and more people are being herded like sheep into the official channels of facebook, twitter (where you can’t even write proper sentences), youtube, amazon, netflix, etc.  Maybe you’ve noticed it yourself, maybe not but the internet is becoming heavily policed.  So many youtube channels I know of are being demonetised if their opinion doesn’t fit the official narrative on something, or simply being deleted.   Another voice shut up, another media disappears.

I previously alluded to another of my favourite books, The Machine Stops.  A futuristic world where everyone is reliant on a machine to control their lives.  The machine network becomes too complex for people to reverse engineer and repair when things begin to go wrong.  It certainly could’ve been predicting the internet.  It’s not hard to see, with the complexity of the network that things could go wrong sometimes in future, or that in the event of war bandwidth could be rationed or even blocked off to non-essential services.  Then what are you going to do when that ever-so-elegant streaming solution can no longer be relied on?

The interesting thing here is that of course this couldn’t happen if you actually owned the media yourself and had it in your home and this is where I find the names of the Amazon devices for reading e-books interesting.   Censorship in days gone by meant actually burning the books that were deemed not acceptable to the prevailing leadership and train of thought.  The Nazis themselves did this in the 1930s, as did Stalin and indeed, so did the UK government with David Shayler and the Spycatcher book.  Censorship happens, but it was so, so much harder to do then than it is now, where burning a book doesn’t need to happen in order for a publication deemed unacceptable to simply disappear from the online shelves.  I’ve already seen it happen myself with several publications.  So to take it to a logical conclusion, Amazon’s first device, the Kindle, started the book burning process.  Their next device, Fire, got it truly underway.  So what’s next?  Flame, Ash?  I really have no idea, but I’ve concluded that having a good stock of physical books and CDs to feed you during possible harder times is well worth considering.   Just got to hope the electricity holds out if that happens.

I guess the personal thing that brought these thoughts to the fore was my own mini-burning this past week.  Recent events led to me having a major clearout, personal items with a relevant past needed to be discarded so I can move on.  I simply couldn’t carry them over my head any more – quite literally, in this case, as most were stored in the loft, but there were also others – a picture, drawn for me, placed on the fridge door that felt like the start of something big, but instead was just the beginning of the end.  I sent emails asking if anyone wanted these memories – a photograph of 5 generations of a family together is impossible to replace in my opinion.  Clearly just my opinion though.  I only got one reply and that was a clear, saddening no.  I even found an old tortoise garden ornament I’d held onto – I remember this one because my son really wanted it when the deceased great-grandmothers house was being cleared.  My daughter accidentally dropped it one day and to ease the tears, I spent a whole evening gradually superglueing it back together.  Spild af min tid, as they say in Denmark.  The fire burnt well yesterday.  Even Sunderland stripes were put to the flame.

So here’s a question to finish on – does a book, CD or film still exist if all copies of it have been burnt and all digital traces of it erased?  If the answer is no, then you might want to save hard copies of your personal favourites just in case the Machine Stops.

Footnote : I reread this and will add blog posts to this list.  I’ve read some great ones over the years that are now consigned to the digital dustbin, never to return.  I best export this blog again…

Indoctrination and Inoculation

I’ve been hearing a lot about the UK not wanting to return to school.  Both the majority of teachers and the majority of parents.  In fact, the only people who seem to want to get the kids back to school are the government.  I’d assume also not just the government, but private companies who are infiltrating the supposed state-run education system and ultimately, of course, big pharma, who must be missing out on billions from missed vaccinations in the children’s schedules.  Schools now spend less and less time teaching your children anything useful and more and more time indoctrinating and inoculating.

Of course, this reminds me of my own unhappy and previously recounted school days.  I’d have a loved a period like this out of the system to play with my meccano, build airfix kits and actually go outside to play.  The trigger for this was this great picture I just found :-

No photo description available.

As if to prove my theory that Denmark is the bite-sized country test bed for the Agenda before taking it further, it’s been noticeable again that Denmark was first to return to the “new normal”.   It really couldn’t wait to get the children back to the institutions.  I can guess why.  Aside from the obvious tax implications of not collecting from the engineered normal state of two working parents that exists here, families were bonding and doing things together.  I heard plenty of stories of baking, gardening and other activities that would do far more to help a child grow than sitting in a class being told to shut up and stay still.  In IT terms, much of school is pure GIGO.  The not so obvious part was that those kids needed to be getting their vaccines, so they had to be nudged back into the system.  This being that new system.

While I unhappily couldn’t avoid the indoctrination over many years, I did manage to avoid the inoculation part.  I’ve never had a single vaccine for anything and I’m proud to say that.  My mother did well – many of her era saw children damaged by them and the damage brushed under the carpet, just as it was for many years with Thalidomide.  In a way, I could guess big pharma would use a smaller compensation pay-out like that to deflect attention from the damage done to millions and potential pay-out there.  In the US, they are actually indemnified by the government against damage caused by their vaccines and there is a huge government compensation fund for all the vaccine-damaged children out there.   Even reading their stated mission purpose should make you cringe.  Indians, however, weren’t so lucky when Bill Gates, you know that famous philanthropist with absolutely no agenda behind his good deeds, ahem, rolled out his Polio vaccine there and was eventually chased out.

Even in Denmark, TV2 – the Danish equivalent of ITV, bravely made a documentary about all the children allegedly damaged by the HPV Gardasil vaccine.  I’ll insert that word there because big pharma and the media really did go on the attack and get it shut up.  It’s very hard to even find that documentary online.  Ireland was another big user of HPV Gardasil and has similar issues, where a group of mothers whose daughters lives are destroyed find themselves under attack by vile media, where you have to question if the stories are genuine free press or paid-for attempts to discredit these groups.  It certainly worked in Denmark.

Obviously all of this is relevant to today.  Denmark introduced a law that they can administer the vaccine to anyone they decide should have it.  Just forgetting that, officially at least, there is no vaccine and if the proper testing began on a product delivered today, it would be at least 18-24 months before it was available to the general public.  Should make anyone question whether they secretly have it ready now and what it will actually contain.  The same voice seems to be dictating governments worldwide.  The UK, through the vile Matt Hancock, with his own vaccine business that no media outlet seems to mention, constantly goes on about mandatory vaccinations and the need to get them out to everyone.  He’s certainly made it into my top 10 of all-time vile politicians, right up there with Major, Blair and Brown.

On top of this, I made a terrible mistake and I am so angry with myself.  I’ve spent the last few days sorting through old photos, keeping those that matter and discarding those that do not.  When I look back at the park in Sittingbourne in 2003-04, I see two happy children full of energy and drive.  A daughter who if you tried to help her with something would always say “Do it self!”, I loved that.  The one thing I didn’t do though was protect them from vaccinations, I allowed myself to be persuaded that vaccines were safe and worked.  In 2005, after moving to Denmark and getting on the indoctrination and inoculation schedule something changed.  I’m sorry.

The Uncaring Profession

I have alluded in prior posts to the destruction of the NHS, probably the one part of the welfare state people would happily pay for – if it was run efficiently and actually did focus on the health of the nation, anyway.  Sadly it isn’t.  I am grateful to it for repairing me when I almost died as a child, but in it’s current form it’s been totally hijacked by big pharma, big business and government agendas that I simply don’t trust it at all.  Especially right now.

Ask yourself this – if a health service really did care about the health of the people who pay for it – “customers” in normal business parlance, then why not focus on prevention rather than cure?  It could do this by simply helping people live healthily in the first place and while this advice might not be appreciated by big business like Coca-cola, McDonalds or the pharmaceutical companies wanting to sell people the regular drugs direct debit, it’d be the simplest and cheapest way of maintaining health and longevity.

Aside from being hijacked, the people who actually work within it have turned into egomaniacs, convinced of their key worker status and being the first sharers of those irritatingly offensive #StayAtHome posts on fb and condescendingly asserting their superior assumed knowledge on the subject.  Top that off with making videos for social media of them dancing and singing in the workplace, wearing supposedly-valuable PPE (something about that acronym irritates me immensely) and utilising work resources.  In any other workplace this would mean disciplinary action or the sack.

At this point, I will declare a personal interest in this.  My own ex-partner.  She went through her own epiphany of arrogance and condescension while gaining a nursing degree herself.  That I had single-handedly financially carried the family for years meant nothing.  Suddenly her 30-grand nursing job put me in the shade and made me irrelevant in Danish eyes.  I already was marked down by simply not being Dansk.  This is the same smug self-superiority that has seen all my children vaccinated against my judgement (and at least one may be damaged by that, which I did try to bring up once) and also saw the self-appointed medical expert explain to me how depression was a chemical imbalance in the brain, that can be fixed by drugs.  That theory has been dismissed as rubbish now, which should say a lot about the medical training itself and how it has also been hijacked.

I have to admit, I thought it was just a localised problem within my own failing household.  Fast forward to 2020 and I see I was wrong.  The caring profession worldwide no longer cares – they put themselves first.  The medical oaths to try your utmost to save and prolong lives has gone – just witness the desire to get people to sign Do Not Resuscitate (DNRs) forms so they can just dump them in a room to die.  I have my own personal experiences of this that are making me angrier and angrier the more I think about it.  Meanwhile, egos have grown, probably in direct correlation to the decline of medical ethics (see that word again, ethics?).  BBC Casualty – a wonderful show to watch to pick up on future agenda – actually had a DNR story at the beginning of the Corona crisis, a subtle bit of mind-programming for the viewers to absorb.  This crisis is bringing out the worst from the uncaring profession.  Medical resources are being misallocated, with other services that could pick up illnesses earlier stopped or seriously curtailed.  I personally can attest it’s not just a UK phenomenon and is bound to lead to more deaths from cancer and the like later.  Meanwhile all these people can do is make awful interpretations of the Haka :-

This narcissism is of course being fed by the government with the Save the NHS crap excuse to stop people getting out, with the exercise and sunshine benefits that would bring.  Of course, you are allowed to pop out at 8pm and expend pointless energy clapping furiously for a bunch of egomaniacs who aren’t apparently working very hard and who will just dump your grandparents in a room to die if they happen to get ill, while simultaneously denying you access to be in the same room.

I think I see the agenda here.   The destruction of the NHS.  It would be sad, based on what the theory of how a national health service could be, but I would not lament many of these people losing their jobs or big pharma losing their right to dip into taxpayer pockets.  While right now there is widespread support and adulation of the NHS, at some point a growing number will begin to see through it – fueled by non-treatment of their own ailments or the neglect of dying relatives.  Then the backlash will start, the anger and hate could become a tidal wave.  The NHS will be privatised, which is what the agenda wanted all along.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and text

The March of Technology

I was reminded today of a speech I had listened to last year.  At the time it seemed very strange, but now it means even more.  Boris Johnson at the UN in September 2019 :-

Of course these things aren’t normally of much interest, but often it’s where the agenda is presented. Just as the agricultural era was usurped by the industrial era, so we are witnessing the death of the industrial era and the start of the information era.  I suppose, given my career choices, I should be pleased there is a demand for my skills.  Interestingly, when I researched my own family tree I found one of my own family branches were victims of the agricultural to industrial switch.  It seems they were sheep farmers out on the Yorkshire moors and lived in a decent manor house (1851 census).  From there, it was possible to track the decline of the family through ever decreasing properties in each census until my great-grandmother emerged in lodgings with her sister in 1901 in Consett.  It’s actually where she met my great-grandfather.  Their original manor house property is still there and is rumoured to have once been lost in a bet.  I can only wonder at the desperation there must have been behind that story (if true).  In what can be seen now as a major switch in policy to get the UK even more focused on manufacturing instead of agriculture, the corn laws were repealed in 1830 or so.  This meant cheaper and cheaper agricultural imports undermined local farmers, while at the exact same time, the opening up of empire brought ever more wool imported from Australia.  A UK farmer would have seen demand for their product fall precipitously and at the same time seen their traditional workforce head off to new industrial jobs in local cities like Leeds.  A lethal combination.  As may well be proven by the absence of the male head of the household in the 1861 census compared to 1851.

Especially of interest is the reference to Prometheus, the creator of mankind itself.  So pleased was he with his creation, that he gifted it fire, so it could develop civilisation.  This was the mention that first made me listen to it back in 2019, when it was first put out there.  To me, legends may be legends but somewhere within are grains of truth.  Mankind has been given a new fire, the technology to change it’s life, but will the fire be good or bad?

Technology is marching onwards and Data is the New oil. It seems to me that the march wasn’t fast enough and something was needed to push it forward faster.  Much like the industrial era being held back by potential new workers/slaves still working on jobs considered to be part of previous era, who then need to be “freed up”, along with their resources.  Of course, there’ll always be a need for manufactured goods, just as there is a still a need for food (although with this one, just look at the agenda to demonise meat and get everyone eating plants, frankenfoods grown in a lab and potentially insects), but these industries only employ a fraction of the numbers they traditionally needed before.

You don’t need to be particularly insightful to see who some of the real winners of this Corona crisis are.  While traditional shops, pubs and restaurants are bad, apparently shopping online, especially at Amazon is fine.  While everyone switches to digital means of communication and work, you can only imagine how much data places like Google have been able to gather lately.  It’s a goldmine.  Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to push for mandatory vaccinations and it’s vile ID 2020 proposal.  Get your Certificate of Vaccine ID (COVID) here.  Implanted inside your body somehow, preferably.  Yes, silicon valley is doing very nicely, thank you.  To see what’s planned next, check out this vile patent for cryptocurrency attached to humanity itself.  There will be no respite or hiding place if that becomes reality.

I’ll stick by what I said before, we are on the verge – well, it’s already started – of a huge struggle between ethics and technology.  Unfortunately, having seen the response of many to the recent loss of freedom, I don’t expect much ethics from anyone.  Individuals do surprise occasionally though.  I sold something on fb marketplace (data mined, no doubt) and the person who bought it was so pleased with his purchase that he insisted on shaking my hand.  To me, that was good mix of ethics (free trade), humanity (shaking hands) and technology (fb facilitating the transaction).  I believe though, that the first two are under threat big time.  Time will prove me right or wrong.

A chance Encounter

I saw my eldest daughter yesterday.  It’s a major coincidence really, considering the random nature of my decision to visit the loppe.  I drove up past the local supermarkets and at the the traffic lights, was none other than her.  To most Dads, this random incident would be minor and not even worthy of mention, but for me it was the first time I’d seen her in over 3 years, almost 4 in fact.

It’s strange how for a long time I had wondered how she was doing, whether things had changed for her following her failures at college.  As you may recall, I had been the one dissenting voice back in 2016 keen to get to the root of what she herself wanted to do with her life after leaving school, but in return all I got were tears, refusal to reply and subsequently telling the self-proclaimed resident childcare expert her version of what had happened in that discussion.  I didn’t even raise my voice once, just merely asked if the gymnasium course choices were what she really wanted, or were the ones foisted upon her by her mother.  Apparently it’s too much that an Englishman here could have an opinion or valid input on any of this.  The die was cast, I don’t even remember the course choices specifically now, but one of the major subjects was English, which I knew wouldn’t test her at all, since she knew it better than most smug Danish teachers of English possibly could.  I sensed if she got on this course, it’d be an easy ride, or leave her terribly disinterested.

How right I was proven one year later, when, having been ignored for months, I received a call at the airport, just as I was about to board a plane for Germany – telling me that there was a parental meeting at the gymnasium to discuss our daughters’ failure.  The very next day.  Parental chess pieces were being played, with the intention of showing me as an uncaring Dad and the Mother as wonderful.  It was obvious she’d known about this meeting well before, but had sprung it on me at the last possible moment to test me.  I asked the right questions and found out that actually she had PASSED the year, but the teacher had said she had not socially developed enough and was therefore recommended to redo year 1.  The resident childcare expert agreed.  I did not.  Vehemently, I argued that the opinion of a teacher, especially one with a vested interest in earning maximum course fees, shouldn’t be heeded.  She had passed the year and should move on.  We all have bad years but if we pass, we learn from the experience and progress.  I also guessed that if she redid it, it’d be even more demotivating and demoralising than it had ever been before.

The meeting occurred without my presence, apparently.  I have visions to this day of my daughter nodding feebly as the two CondescenDanes decided upon her future.

Well, what a great decision it was.  Not that I knew anything about it.  Only when an application was made for me to pay uddanelsesbidrag – a bizarre thing that doesn’t even exist in most countries, where a parent must pay maintenance to an adult offspring to study.  In this case, I discovered by asking for proof of her course, that she had dropped out of the previous course and was now about to begin a completely new one in a subject I wasn’t even allowed to know, at a different gymnasium.  Two years wasted then.

The clues had been there on facebook, where in addition to #ÅretsMor2016, 17, 18, 19 and 20, the professional student Aunty who knows every trick in the book when it comes to getting money from the state for doing nothing had been taking her climbing and other apparent attempts to boost her confidence.  The only confidence I have would be her ability to train anyone on how to avoid ever getting a job.  So it has been proven.  My daughter has learnt from the best of the worst.

Anyway, fast forward and since this Corona scam, education institutions have been closed, so god knows how she’s doing.  Was she going to complete the course?  Will she?  Who knows.  I know only this – I recognised her by her body language.  After all blonde females aren’t always distinguishable here.  In a way I’d hoped she’d moved on, gained confidence, changed her outlook.  No, she had not.   I suppose I shouldn’t be totally surprised when you consider the familial influences she is surrounded with.  The most painful thing is knowing you can’t do anything to help her.  I am sorry.  Sorry and very, very angry with the resident childcare expert who obviously isn’t doing the nurturing job as wonderfully as she thinks she is.

Social Policing

I spent the first part of yesterday replacing a pane of cracked glass in the side door that I’ve been planning to do for about 3-4 years.  Sadder still, I have had the glass for at least 2 years, but I’ve been putting it off because these old doors and windows need careful handling.  Besides, it was only a crack, the glass remained in situ solidly.  Anyway, it got done, along with another pane I’d recently cracked while redoing the windows.  All at the expense of a cut hand.  Not badly cut, but it got me thinking how I really wouldn’t want to go to hospital even if it had been.   I can only envisage how bad it would be, go in with a cut hand, get strapped to the bed, wired up and tested for Corona.  I have a feeling there are plenty of cases like this who become a “…died after testing positive for Covid-19..” statistic.

After that, my intense DIY mode of recent weeks was forced to pause.  Called off due to rain.   After spending a bit of time arranging the CDs into approximate alphabetical order for easier future access, I suddenly thought to myself, you know what, the loppemarkeder are open again, so why not take a trip out and see the world?  Unlike the UK, Denmark didn’t quite descend into the huge restrictions – I guess they assume the population to be so compliant that they don’t need to, the invisible barrier that stops those monkeys climbing to the top of tree is strong here after years of training.   This was actually confirmed, in some small way, by the first one I went to, where half the customers weren’t even Danish, but Eastern European or Arabic.  It was fairly empty anyway and there were bargains to be had.  Especially additions to the newly restarted CD collection.  It’s also interesting what turns up at these places – a few years ago I was restoring an old Edwardian built-in wardrobe in the second bedroom.  A replacement lock was almost impossible to find, until I found a German seller who had one with almost the correct dimensions and ordered it.   Then yesterday I found a stall that had a whole bundle of antique locks, with at least two in the size I needed back then, for the princely sum of 15kr.  I bought the bundle, I can see at least one of them being of use.

20+ CDs and a few other interesting items later – it comes to something when a whole bundle costs about 70kr and one used to cost 100kr+ – I decided to pop off to the nearby Netto.  This is where I encountered my first social policing incident.  Every Danish store now has handwash inside the door that you are supposed to use.  Not sure if it’s enshrined in law yet, but that stuff is not good for you so I don’t and never will use it.  A Dane leaving the store was keen to point out to me where the handwash was, as I took a basket.  I said “yeah” and ignored him.  he didn’t seem to see the irony of his own bad health – being obese and very red-faced.  Perhaps he could work on that instead of policing others?

I suspect this incident was one of the first of many.  In the loppe I had noticed someone glancing nervously while they browsed one stand and I moved closer to browse the stand next to him.  What was I supposed to do, stand and patiently wait until he was done?   To me, the social rules haven’t changed, but if someone thinks they have then they are free to live life as they see fit, by moving away from others, or #stayathome themselves.  Thinking of that one, I recently sold something on facebook marketplace, and the buyer who came to collect the item saw no irony in having a #stayathome on their profile picture.  I guess only other people need to stay at home right?

We laugh of course, because those incidents are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, but they show where the world is going.  Denmark tried a hotline / website for people to notify of neighbours who they suspected had Corona (I refuse to call it COVID-19, due to the sinister undertones of the acronym).  Even Danes howled in protest and the website was taken down – needless to says 1,000s of names had already been logged though.   New York did something similar, with the snitch hotline, which amusingly people then clogged up with crap, including dubious pics and this classic meme :-

TO THOSE TURNING IN YOUR NEIGHBORS AND LOCAL BUSINESSES YOU DID THE REICH THING | image tagged in reich thing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

And that’s exactly it, people have previously looked at the rise of Nazi Germany and said things like “how did this ever happen?  If I’d been there I wouldn’t have gone along with it…”.  Well, I can only say, if you have ever wondered how you’d react had you lived in Nazi Germany, or East Germany in the 50s-80s (where half the population were informants, in one way or another), now you have your answer.  The number of facebook posts by supposed friends supporting this loss of personal freedoms, cheering videos of heavy-handed and often illegal policing and posting memes demanding you #stayathome gives you your answer.   Did someone click a collective switch?  I’ve read this story before, in the 1920s book “The Blue Wound”, a forgotten classic that analyses how World War 1 happened.  There’s a line in there about giving people a collective enemy and telling them their way of life is under threat will work every time.  They did it then and they’re doing it now.  Thinking of East Germany, it should be no surprise that the leader of Germany now is Angela Merkel, considering her background with the Stasi, the East German secret police.

So where does this go, who are they making out is the enemy?  The virus is the enemy, but now attempts are being made to apportion blame for the virus.  Ah yes, apparently it’s China.  Who grew this virus in a lab in Wuhan and unleashed it on the rest of the world.  The subtle programming is beginning.  What virus, anyway?  All I see is a recategorisation of deaths.  Deaths in the UK are less than they were in 2018, when a bad flu hit.  Even in the USA, the figures are being inflated by recategorisation even after death of people who were never even tested but are now assumed to have died from it.  That’s a great way to play with statistics.  All I can say is, if China really did release a new virus then so far it’s done a terrible job.  Someone posted infection rates at UK hospitals on fb yesterday to show how terrible it is – the worst rate was 36/100,000 population.  That’s infection rates, not deaths!

If a hashtag is needed, it’s not #StayAtHome, it should be #NoToWarWithChina.