Clearing out the Past

As the life changes continue, one more piece of the past must go – I received an invoice last month and the webhosting expires on 18/06/2020.  I’ve decided not to renew, this account has too much history I’d prefer to dump totally for the time being.  That’s not to say I won’t return, but if I do it’ll be at my leisure with a new webhosting solution.  Buying domains, building websites and writing has been a fun exercise and I will definitely retain the domains with my surname in them, even if they don’t point anywhere for now.  I even sold a couple, which was also fun.

Temporarily at least, I see dark days ahead for the world and especially the UK.  A couple of years ago, I encountered some alarming statistics from supposedly-official sources, forecasting the UK population to be 15 million in 2025.  A 75% drop.  Denmark gets off fairly lightly with a one-third drop.  At the time I thought it was a joke, but then you get to thinking – if you did want to achieve that, how would you do it?  I couldn’t, not bar a nuclear explosion or bubonic plague-type incident hitting the world and the resultant unrest and fight for survival afterwards.  It seemed impossible and yet, someone brought up those statistics again the other day.  Now it actually doesn’t seem so ridiculous.  In fact, if I was aiming to get that kind of reduction I’d probably introduce the kind of policies that are being brought out worldwide today.  Let’s start by taking away people’s freedom to socialise and live their lives as they decide fit.  Scare them that a killer virus is going to kill them and everyone they care about.  Then let’s take away their right to earn and transact in any way they wish with their fellow human beings.  Once I’d chucked all that in the cooking pot, I’d wait for it to simmer.   Unlike a soup it might take months, but the despondency, despair and anger would grow.

If I wanted the old people to die off, then I’d get the subtle message out to them that they were a burden, that they were hogging all the resources and that worst, they had stolen their offspring’s future by voting for Brexit.  Stir those ingredients for a few years via TV, since they are most likely to watch the traditional outlets like the British brainwashing corporation.  Let’s ignore that they were actually trying to protect their young by voting for greater freedom and an attempt to return back to happier days they remember of full employment and an NHS that did care.  Age often equals immense wisdom.  Then as the virus opened up, I’d remind then about DNR’s they could sign, saying they want to die if found to be seriously ill (and who gets to define seriously ill anyway?).  Then, when the virus kicked off, I’d get the old who had it out of the hospitals and into care homes where they could infect as many previously safe old people as possible and boost the death rate.

That there aren’t people out on the streets in huge numbers protesting the items just mentioned, whereas there are thousands out to protest the death of a single person by 4 police officers (one seemingly white, another one asian, one middle-eastern and one perhaps mixed race) on racism grounds seems ridiculous, but the buttons are being pressed, the fermented brew is now ready for the next phase.

What form will that next phase take?  I really don’t know, but I would guess that if I can create a disease and change the rules to make it almost impossible to live a normal life without having the “cure”, then that must be something to do with it.  What’s in that vaccine anyway and how come it’s bypassing the normal stages of testing that take minimum 18-24 months?  I can’t help but wonder if predictive TV programming has already set us up for this – with items from the film Kingsman 2 and Dr Who, where people could be remotely blown up due to implants, or could be remotely activated to extreme violence were hints.  Certainly, nanotechnology and graphene are facilitating a whole load of new miniscule technology solutions we know little about.  Feel free to take it if you must, but I’ll trust on millions of years of evolution and avoid it for as long as I can.

If you think I’m mad then remember the Roman empire.  Rome itself had a population of 2 million at it’s peak.  By the 6-7th century, it was 30,000.  Carthage, a booming metropolis, 750,000 yet was down to about 70 lurking among the ruins when France took control in the 1870s.  I’ve wandered around other cities in Tunisia that had a population of 100,000+ yet are now just impressive ruins that extend as far as the eyes can see, no-one in sight.  Oudna in particular was spectacular, with marble and pottery crunching under every footstep.  Something happened then and we really don’t know what it was.  Well, we think we know but no-one talks much about the demographic and currency crises that led to that decline.  The exact things that are occurring now.  I’m sure however it ended, someone made it off with the real loot in advance and left the general populace to fight it out.

The Prisoner, can have the final word on this :-

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.

In an attempt to zig while the word zags, I spent the last 2 weekends going away to visit new places and I may even continue the trend later in the month.  Way I see it is, I want to visit these places, then they’ll be dead quiet and appreciative of the business.  They were – both times I was the only Friday night guest and I’ve never been personally greeted at the door by the host by name before yet it happened now.  Who knows if we’ll ever get those chances again and even if we do, what will the prices be?  Old railway stations were seen, loppemarkets explored, some cool items bought and old streets were walked.  Jensens Bøfhus was also visited, and there was no battle for a table.

I’d like to thank the regular readers, of which there were not many, but it’s interesting who does visit sometimes and the keywords used.  Like Tom from St Albans.  I’d just like to know why he thought one of my posts was bonkers, as he never said.  Only time will show if I was bonkers or not.  Yes, if I can see that level of information, you’ve got to wonder what Google/Alphabet can do.  Actually, I already know – when working at a UK Telecoms company back in 2008, someone wrote on an anonymous chatroom that they were going to kill themselves.  The IP address was traced and the home was visited by police within one hour.  12 years ago.

Alongside this, I have my own happenings in life.  Changes that are sad, were unanticipated and are to be faced.  Songs that I would’ve laughed at once became listenable for a while.  What a chump.

Life goes on, of course.  In fact, I’m thinking more clearly than I have done for a while.  I really enjoyed those weekends away and I’ll definitely do it again.  I suggest you do too and forget those government guidelines – they aren’t even laws.  One thing though, do keep a few gold sovereigns under the floorboards, just in case.