And So It Is

And so it is, from 14/06/21, Denmark is removing the masks requirement across the whole country on everything.  Corona is fixed, the world can return back to normal.  Isn’t it wonderful?  We all got together like our WW1 heroes, Kitchener pointing at us “Your country needs you” and we answered that call, goddamit, we put down our takeaway Pizzas from where they were precariously balanced on our stomachs, downloaded our Coronapasses onto our phones and paused Netflix.  Then, oh yes, we answered that call, even if it meant leaving the sofa for a few hours and joining a queue to get some vague substance into us that someone once said, probably via TV, radio and newspaper, would make it all go away.*

If anything, this just clarifies phase 2.  So many stories lately planted already drilled it into your head that the unvaccinated are to blame.  Underlined for added emphasis, but the media, directed by the Tavistock Institute and whoever else, are cleverer in not even needing direct formatting of that nature to hammer it home.  Let me indulge myself with a prediction as to how it would go, that’s been in my head for a few months.

  1. To convince the public their efforts were not in vain, they needed to be shown they were winning.
  2. We give them that win, with a belief the virus has gone and they, publikum, made that happen through their mask wearing efforts and their joining of queues for PCR tests (please investigate Kacey Mullin) and then ultimately the jab.
  3. And then, we gradually announce some unexpected news.  Perhaps Grandma dies, feel that sadness and also, please forget that she got a few injections a little while ago that maybe had something to do with it.  Not hard to forget, most humans are like goldfish, you reach the far end of the bowl and what you saw at the beginning has long last apparent relevance.
  4. And then, we point over at those nasty people who never downloaded the Coronapas, along with those nasty terrible people who thought they were above being injected.  At this point, we should hesitate in our usage of the word vaccination, considering this injection is a genetic modifier, not a carrier of cowpox.  What is vacci, but Italian for cow, after all?
  5. And then, we let you get on with whatever self-justified action you feel is necessary to resolve whatever problem you emotionally feel you have.  Oh OK, we might say different via the media, but excuse us if the police are unavoidably detained en route.  Diana knows all about that one, doesn’t she?

I’ll leave it to Damien to clarify just exactly how it is, so it is.

  • Yes, it will make it go away, just not how you imagined it would.