That’s the best word I could think of to describe the boom that’s occurred in the UK since December 2019.  The Conservatives landslide election victory, helped mostly by the Brexit party taking the votes of disillusioned Labour voters who were finally disillusioned enough after 50 years of lies to actually tick a different box, has brought about both a stock market boom and a massive change in market sentiment.

Remember though, the first part of their name is Con and they are conning us all again.  After all, what was the promise to Get Brexit Done?  Apparently, Brexit did happen on 31/01/2020, but I see no difference.   The UK remains firmly inside the customs union, single market, ECJ and freedom of movement.  The customs union one annoys me the most, as it’s how the EU extracts it’s tribute from the member nations.  Few realise every time you buy something the EU is collecting from your pocket, whether it’s the import duty on you trying to exercise your consumer choice by buying Canadian apples instead of the tasteless French ones, or the 20% VAT on essential repairs to your house or car.  As for freedom of movement, that thing that undercuts the living standards of the lowest paid especially – well, in fact, there’s probably never been a better time for an EU citizen to move to the UK as I sense they might end up with preferential rights on things like unemployment benefits compared to UK citizens.  The delay, delay, cancel approach I described earlier remains intact.  Just that very few realise it yet.  Observe, for example, how no Con MP ever mentions the word Brexit now.  It’s clear that some secret directive has been made to talk no more of this and take things forward on the pretence it has happened.

I’m reminded of the quote about how an island built on coal and surrounded by fish can never go cold or hungry.  These two valuable resources should be utilised, but somehow since joining the EU it all went wrong.  The UK didn’t regain control of it’s valuable fishing grounds yet and I remain confident that it never will, at least not in any Brexit negotiation, anyway.  The deal has already been cut and now we’re being spoon fed it in dribs and drabs, while people act their roles out, pretending to be tough guys fighting our corner.

If anything, it’s a testament to some form of fight and democracy that still exists in the UK that they actually had to go so far as to pretend to have left.  Even if the terms are so terrible that it feels like it’s a surrender treaty.  Look at Denmark and Ireland, for example.  When they had democratic votes that went against the EU, the government and media got to work to bend the minds of the population into believing they got it wrong and that another referendum – to reflect the change of opinion, in light of new facts, of course – was necessary.  On both occasions, the “correct” result was attained second time around.  The UK however, successfully resisted this approach and it must pain the elites a lot that they actually had to carry through the charade.

Against this backdrop, my own plans take a hit.  I actually put an offer in on a house in the UK last year, with every intention of buying and moving back had it been successful.  It wasn’t.  I had a gut feeling that the Brexit uncertainty could mean a good deal on a house, but I failed.  My own house in Denmark didn’t sell and the exchange rate has now moved massively against me.  My personal limbo continues.  As an aside, the house next to the one I tried to buy just came up for sale – for twice the price of the other one.  Brexit EUphoria is definitely taking hold in the UK, but considering real Brexit still hasn’t happened – possibly won’t ever happen, then I wonder how long that EUphoria will last?

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