The Uncaring Profession

I have alluded in prior posts to the destruction of the NHS, probably the one part of the welfare state people would happily pay for – if it was run efficiently and actually did focus on the health of the nation, anyway.  Sadly it isn’t.  I am grateful to it for repairing me when I almost died as a child, but in it’s current form it’s been totally hijacked by big pharma, big business and government agendas that I simply don’t trust it at all.  Especially right now.

Ask yourself this – if a health service really did care about the health of the people who pay for it – “customers” in normal business parlance, then why not focus on prevention rather than cure?  It could do this by simply helping people live healthily in the first place and while this advice might not be appreciated by big business like Coca-cola, McDonalds or the pharmaceutical companies wanting to sell people the regular drugs direct debit, it’d be the simplest and cheapest way of maintaining health and longevity.

Aside from being hijacked, the people who actually work within it have turned into egomaniacs, convinced of their key worker status and being the first sharers of those irritatingly offensive #StayAtHome posts on fb and condescendingly asserting their superior assumed knowledge on the subject.  Top that off with making videos for social media of them dancing and singing in the workplace, wearing supposedly-valuable PPE (something about that acronym irritates me immensely) and utilising work resources.  In any other workplace this would mean disciplinary action or the sack.

At this point, I will declare a personal interest in this.  My own ex-partner.  She went through her own epiphany of arrogance and condescension while gaining a nursing degree herself.  That I had single-handedly financially carried the family for years meant nothing.  Suddenly her 30-grand nursing job put me in the shade and made me irrelevant in Danish eyes.  I already was marked down by simply not being Dansk.  This is the same smug self-superiority that has seen all my children vaccinated against my judgement (and at least one may be damaged by that, which I did try to bring up once) and also saw the self-appointed medical expert explain to me how depression was a chemical imbalance in the brain, that can be fixed by drugs.  That theory has been dismissed as rubbish now, which should say a lot about the medical training itself and how it has also been hijacked.

I have to admit, I thought it was just a localised problem within my own failing household.  Fast forward to 2020 and I see I was wrong.  The caring profession worldwide no longer cares – they put themselves first.  The medical oaths to try your utmost to save and prolong lives has gone – just witness the desire to get people to sign Do Not Resuscitate (DNRs) forms so they can just dump them in a room to die.  I have my own personal experiences of this that are making me angrier and angrier the more I think about it.  Meanwhile, egos have grown, probably in direct correlation to the decline of medical ethics (see that word again, ethics?).  BBC Casualty – a wonderful show to watch to pick up on future agenda – actually had a DNR story at the beginning of the Corona crisis, a subtle bit of mind-programming for the viewers to absorb.  This crisis is bringing out the worst from the uncaring profession.  Medical resources are being misallocated, with other services that could pick up illnesses earlier stopped or seriously curtailed.  I personally can attest it’s not just a UK phenomenon and is bound to lead to more deaths from cancer and the like later.  Meanwhile all these people can do is make awful interpretations of the Haka :-

This narcissism is of course being fed by the government with the Save the NHS crap excuse to stop people getting out, with the exercise and sunshine benefits that would bring.  Of course, you are allowed to pop out at 8pm and expend pointless energy clapping furiously for a bunch of egomaniacs who aren’t apparently working very hard and who will just dump your grandparents in a room to die if they happen to get ill, while simultaneously denying you access to be in the same room.

I think I see the agenda here.   The destruction of the NHS.  It would be sad, based on what the theory of how a national health service could be, but I would not lament many of these people losing their jobs or big pharma losing their right to dip into taxpayer pockets.  While right now there is widespread support and adulation of the NHS, at some point a growing number will begin to see through it – fueled by non-treatment of their own ailments or the neglect of dying relatives.  Then the backlash will start, the anger and hate could become a tidal wave.  The NHS will be privatised, which is what the agenda wanted all along.

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