Indoctrination and Inoculation

I’ve been hearing a lot about the UK not wanting to return to school.  Both the majority of teachers and the majority of parents.  In fact, the only people who seem to want to get the kids back to school are the government.  I’d assume also not just the government, but private companies who are infiltrating the supposed state-run education system and ultimately, of course, big pharma, who must be missing out on billions from missed vaccinations in the children’s schedules.  Schools now spend less and less time teaching your children anything useful and more and more time indoctrinating and inoculating.

Of course, this reminds me of my own unhappy and previously recounted school days.  I’d have a loved a period like this out of the system to play with my meccano, build airfix kits and actually go outside to play.  The trigger for this was this great picture I just found :-

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As if to prove my theory that Denmark is the bite-sized country test bed for the Agenda before taking it further, it’s been noticeable again that Denmark was first to return to the “new normal”.   It really couldn’t wait to get the children back to the institutions.  I can guess why.  Aside from the obvious tax implications of not collecting from the engineered normal state of two working parents that exists here, families were bonding and doing things together.  I heard plenty of stories of baking, gardening and other activities that would do far more to help a child grow than sitting in a class being told to shut up and stay still.  In IT terms, much of school is pure GIGO.  The not so obvious part was that those kids needed to be getting their vaccines, so they had to be nudged back into the system.  This being that new system.

While I unhappily couldn’t avoid the indoctrination over many years, I did manage to avoid the inoculation part.  I’ve never had a single vaccine for anything and I’m proud to say that.  My mother did well – many of her era saw children damaged by them and the damage brushed under the carpet, just as it was for many years with Thalidomide.  In a way, I could guess big pharma would use a smaller compensation pay-out like that to deflect attention from the damage done to millions and potential pay-out there.  In the US, they are actually indemnified by the government against damage caused by their vaccines and there is a huge government compensation fund for all the vaccine-damaged children out there.   Even reading their stated mission purpose should make you cringe.  Indians, however, weren’t so lucky when Bill Gates, you know that famous philanthropist with absolutely no agenda behind his good deeds, ahem, rolled out his Polio vaccine there and was eventually chased out.

Even in Denmark, TV2 – the Danish equivalent of ITV, bravely made a documentary about all the children allegedly damaged by the HPV Gardasil vaccine.  I’ll insert that word there because big pharma and the media really did go on the attack and get it shut up.  It’s very hard to even find that documentary online.  Ireland was another big user of HPV Gardasil and has similar issues, where a group of mothers whose daughters lives are destroyed find themselves under attack by vile media, where you have to question if the stories are genuine free press or paid-for attempts to discredit these groups.  It certainly worked in Denmark.

Obviously all of this is relevant to today.  Denmark introduced a law that they can administer the vaccine to anyone they decide should have it.  Just forgetting that, officially at least, there is no vaccine and if the proper testing began on a product delivered today, it would be at least 18-24 months before it was available to the general public.  Should make anyone question whether they secretly have it ready now and what it will actually contain.  The same voice seems to be dictating governments worldwide.  The UK, through the vile Matt Hancock, with his own vaccine business that no media outlet seems to mention, constantly goes on about mandatory vaccinations and the need to get them out to everyone.  He’s certainly made it into my top 10 of all-time vile politicians, right up there with Major, Blair and Brown.

On top of this, I made a terrible mistake and I am so angry with myself.  I’ve spent the last few days sorting through old photos, keeping those that matter and discarding those that do not.  When I look back at the park in Sittingbourne in 2003-04, I see two happy children full of energy and drive.  A daughter who if you tried to help her with something would always say “Do it self!”, I loved that.  The one thing I didn’t do though was protect them from vaccinations, I allowed myself to be persuaded that vaccines were safe and worked.  In 2005, after moving to Denmark and getting on the indoctrination and inoculation schedule something changed.  I’m sorry.

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