You Can Take a Horse to Water

…but you can’t make it drink.

So it has been proven during the fifty years of my life so far.   Someone once mentioned to me that money is energy, which is a great way to look at it, since to me it’s always made sense to try and store as much of that surplus energy as possible to be utilised in the future as needed, instead of expending it on inferior experiences in the here and now.

I learnt the hard way that not everyone feels the same way.

Over the years, I didn’t just make investments for myself, but I even shared my excess energy to people I thought were important to me, but who in the long-term clearly didn’t feel the same way.  Some of that excess energy remains even to this day.  Perhaps its latency will be released on some useful and deserving project in the future.

Jim Rogers, the famous US investor, now based in Singapore, has a quote he often uses – that he only invests when he “sees the money on the table”.  in retrospect, I can’t help but feel that some years ago, someone saw the money on the table when they saw me.  Perhaps that’s a bit unkind, since I doubt they were even conscious of it, but it seems to be the way the world works.  A world of energy flowing from one entity to another, for seemingly random and unlikely reasons sometimes, but mostly going to where it’s intended to go.  Jim, for the record is an amazing investor but when you look into his past wives, his ability to identify undervalued assets with huge potential may not extend into every sphere of his life.

Knowing that the stored energy I invested was cashed in in 2018 for frivolities like foreign holidays in exotic destinations and consumer goods was a bit disappointing.  It’s a shame people didn’t have the fidelity to at least spend it on what it was originally intended for.  Perhaps the last laugh comes in knowing some of those assets have nigh-on doubled since then?   I bet the pension payment I made on their behalf back in 2016 is still sitting there gathering 0% interest.  Oh well horse, here’s the water, even if you’re not thirsty.

Do I sound down?  I’m not, I shall leave the Rolling Stones to express how I feel about it all, looking back.  For better or worse, we sometimes get what we need, not what we want.

There is an alternative end to the quote….but a pencil must be lead.

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