The Power of a web presence

In recent years, the domains dwindled to nothing, but one business continues to thrive as a result of my foray into web development.  As the latest google stats prove, even a small town taxi company can benefit from a decent web presence.

Especially nice when, having received quotes of 10,000 kr+ to get a website built, you find someone who develops it for free, hosts it for free for 7 years, does the maintenance when it needs updating and boosts the presence on google so they get 137 calls in a single month from direct clicks on a web page they created.  All without charge of course.


The Future of Money? Part 1

I recently wrote something at, describing what I see as one potential future of money and how we all conduct trade using the internet.  It’s pretty clear that long term national currencies have had their day, or at least that they will have to learn to compete with other mediums of exchange.

So have a read of Bitcard and feel free to leave comments on what you think.

Some day, I’ll try and write a potentially not-so-nice alternative future, based on corporate-issued currencies.